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Bar chart - need feature of having 3 Dimension and 3 Measure

The Ask is :

• To implement this visuals we need WeekEnding and Practice as Dimension and FY20 and FY19 as Measure(Not possible due to limitation). Can we add this feature of having 3 Dimension and 3 Measure.

• In our current implementation we concat WeekEndingDate and FiscalYear(FY20/FY19), But the representation is different and business want to identify the FY20 and FY19 bars with Dark and Lighter shade of the color, as shown in the above image(The Color shading is not possible, as we have Practice as our Drilldown dimension, with 5 level of hierarchy)

• Another option is can we group the WeekEndingDates with the FY20 and FY19 measure, how we have partition in the above image.

I am attaching my demo(.qvf) file for the reference.

Appname - _DMD_EngRevTrendChart_VizlibBarchart_Req ( Dev env)

  • Hi team

    Thanks for your feedback, we have plans to include a stacked and grouped bar chart, which will be driven by 3 dimensions and 1 measure

    Please can you show a visual example of how 3 dimensions and 3 measures will work?

  • Hi i360,
    Currently with the way the hypercube for charts is built, we can't support 3 dimensions and 3 measures 
    If there will be change to what we can do in Qlik engine we'll consider supporting this requirement. 
    Please note your unique ticket reference (#17380) and URL

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