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Vizlib Custom Report v4.4.0 released!

Release Date: 13/07/20

- [VSS-554]: Add selection indicator to groups

A small color indicator now shows if any dimensions or measures in a group are selected.

- [VSS-808]: Automatic chart selection on/off option

The automatic chart selection can now be turned off and the user will be prompted to select a visualization before anything shows. In some cases this will also help with performance.

- [VSS-688]: Add hotkey (keyboard shortcut) for Voice recognition

Voice recognition can now be started without using the mouse. Simply use Ctrl+M and start talking.

- [VSS-767]: Fuzzy pick dimensions, measures and visualizations

When using search it is no longer a requirement to have a perfect match with a dimension/measure. Pressing enter in the middle of a search will pick the first option. For those inexact matches the user will get the option to select from a list of other possible hits. Click the warning icon to see a list of other matches. The bold text  indicates your previous search. (In the example below we searched for "co" and then pressed enter.) Active selection of anything in the list will remove the warning icon.

- [VSS-850]: "Access is denied" message when try to export Story to PDF on server (June 2019 version)

- [VSS-633]: Errors with Story mode and export in Story mode

- [VSS-821]: Analytics search - multiple sub-words are removed in wrong order

- [VSS-802]: Text tags not appearing in snapshot

- [VSS-681]: Intelligent Search - tags in search are getting lost when changing bookmarks

- [VSS-770]: [Cloud] Can't upload custom report to cloud because of package.jsone not being allowed in Qlik Cloud

- [VSS-766]: Pivot table sometimes does not keep track of row/column for dimensions

- [VSS-772]: In a default/preset/bookmark, when using a visualization that is not installed for the active user, CR is blank

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