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Input Form to edit existing data

Can we use the VizLib Input Form to edit existing data, just like the writeback table? 

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi VInia, 

    We have been looking at this also.  We have been advised by the support desk that this function is not possible at the moment.  We have been able to get the form to populate existing data based on selections within the app, however at the point of submission of the form it causes duplication of records rather than update the existing record.    If we come up with a workaround on this I'll happily share with you.


  • While the Input Form is effectively an Insert operation that stores data, the way you work with the output and reload the data from say a QVD back in, it can be used to edit existing data.

    And it is certainly possible to edit existing data with the REST api connection with the Input Form.

    All told though, I often use a combination of the Input Form for data capture and Writeback Table to see and edit everything.

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