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Custom Report - Detached Dim/Measure Menu System and Customize Default Text

We would like the ability to detach the dimension/measure menu system in the Custom Report and customize it.  Basically we are looking to have the options displayed using more landscape so the user can see more options on the screen at once without scrolling through them as much.  It would be nice to either detach the menu in the Custom Report completely and be able to customize the format (i.e., buttons, tree hierarchy check boxes, horizontal scroll, etc), or be able to hide that menu completely and use another visualization (Vizlib button or filter object) to be used as a selector for Dims and Measures.

Also, is there a way to customize the default text in the Custom Report?  Want to be able to change it to something a bit more client specific.  It would be really nice if we could somehow overlay a list of bookmarks (reports) that are standard-ish for users to select from as soon as they land on the Custom Report.

I have attached a screenshot to help clarify the request a bit.

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  • Great idea! This will allow more creative uses of the Custom Report.

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