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Vizlib Filter v3.4.0 released!

Release Date: 17/07/20

- [LIB-6277]: Add new fit to row option for button group

We've added a new option and enhanced our fit settings for buttongroup filter types

  1. Fit to data
    width and height fit to content (the smallest size of button with always visible label)

  2. Fit to row,
    get rid of Disabled scrolls and width dropdown settings.

  3. Fit to object, Disable scrolls
    all buttons should be visible, (even if it is not readable)

  4. Fit to object, scrolls enabled
    height of buttons should be 100% and all should be scrollable.

- [LIB-5236]: Add optional running of actions after default selection

Actions can now optionally run after default selections

- [LIB-5571]: Make single selections when holding CTRL key.

Holding the CTRL forces making a single selection

- [LIB-6404]: Frequency count doesn’t render correctly when dimension is an expression

Frequency counting for dimension values did not calculate correctly when the dimension was calculated via expression

- [LIB-6383]: Default value not selected when an expression is used to define it

Default value was not being set when expressions were used in the input box

- [LIB-6343]: Values were hidden when "hide excluded" is enabled

Values were hidden when "hide excluded" is enabled

- [LIB-5996]: "Set default(s) when cleared" incorrectly activated on mobile browsers

Set defaults when selections clear, was not working on mobile

- [LIB-6458]: When display type is drop down, the filter doesn't expand

Some drop-down filters did not expand to show values

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