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Vizlib Line Chart v3.8.3 released!

Release Date: 24/07/20

- [LIB-6439],  [LIB-6209],  [LIB-6330],  [LIB-4226] : Line Chart Tooltip hidden by object border/legend

Tooltip was partially shown, being hidden behind the object border

- [LIB-6145]: Reference line missing

Reference Lines label shows but not the actual line

- [LIB-3779]: Top right data point is always cut-off in the Vizlib Line Chart.

Data points/symbols were partially shown when they were touching the axis edge

- [LIB-5985]: Y-Axis scaling incorrect for some multi-line charts (non-stacked)

When the scale is too big, the multi-line chart seems to add lines together to get max scale 

- [LIB-5570]: X-Axis values not showing

X-Axis values not showing after changes occur on sheet

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