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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Form v1.0.4 released!

Release Date: 27/07/20

- [CLB-1720]: [Table] Sorting in Writeback Table headers

Columns based on the data model are now sortable, like in a regular Vizlib Table.

- [CLB-1715], [CLB-1709], [CLB-1734]: [Table] Writeback Table Setup fixes
Few issues has been fixed around setup including: newly added columns inherited column's expression of previously added column, it was not possible to properly create table linked to QVD file which filename starts with a number, setup editor was not supporting field names containing spaces.

- [CLB-1426]: [Form] When using Templates with variables, Vizlib Input Form crashes

Support for variables has been added to the Vizlib Input Form templates. When applying template based on a variable, if the variable does not exist in the application, it will be created.

- [CLB-1716]: [Table] Sometimes update operation inserts new row instead of updating existing one
Issue could occur when row contained some special characters in one of the cells.

- [CLB-1726]: [Table] Date column is automatically recognised as edited even though it hasn't changed.

 - [CLB-1701]: [Table] Adjust column width is not calculated correctly when there are too few columns. 

Layout of Vizlib Writeback Table has been improved when adjust column feature is enabled for all columns.

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