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Vizlib Button v1.2.0 released!

Release Date: 05/08/20

- [LIB-6318]: Vizlib Actions - Prompt (toast notification)

New action category that offers a popup notification (toast) to tell the user any information, like what is happening after they have clicked the button

- [LIB-5988],[ LIB-6438]:  Vizlib Actions - Partial reload option (for existing reload action)

- [LIB-6183]: Vizlib Actions - Export whole Sheet to PDF 

Please note this feature is not supported for mashups/story mode

- [LIB-6291]: Vizlib Button icon color expression

Icon colors can now be colored by expression. Ideal for icon-only button styles 

- [LIB-6164]: Button displayed on top of a maximized visualization

 Button displayed on top of a maximized visualization when Overflow is enabled 

- [LIB-5986]: Alignment issues

Fixed width causes issues with Position alignment

- [LIB-6626]: "Define your own" font option input box missing

Input box for defining custom fonts was missing

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