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Input Form - Validation Rule to check that a value does not Exist

It would be a good addition to be able to make sure a value added to a field on a form does not exist within the data i.e. must be unique.

Example adding a new Product.

The SKU code is the Unique key. 

So when I created new product this must be unique within the Data

If I enter 001 on the form I would like it to check the Field SKU Code in the Data and if it exist fail the validation.




  • Hi,
    this feature request will not be implemented. The suggested functionality is already possible hy using a Qlik expression similar to this:
    If(Count(Distinct {1<[Product Group Desc]={'Column([Text1])'}>} [Product Group Desc])=0,If(Column('Text1')='',0,1),0) 

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#18259) and URL

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