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Container - Add more layout options or allow users to design their own

Hi guys,

The container is great but needs more layout options.  It's quite awkward to have to create a container within a container so more layouts would be helpful.  These could include 3 rows with 3 columns (3x3), 4 rows with 4 columns (4x4), a 2x1x2 layout (vertically and horizontally), 1x3x1, etc.

It would also be helpful if each section could be moved around (for example, in the item above (2x1x2), if the sections could be moved then the user would be able to control where the two 2 sections are and where the 1 section is.

Alternatively, allow the user to define their own grid layout, with the ability to add or remove sections as needed.

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  • Hi Ruth

    Thanks for this.  I'll pass this along to the Product Manager for consideration and we will get back to you.

    Thanks and KInd Regards


  • Any updates on this since the ticket was open?

  • Hi, 

    An internal ticket has been opened. No ETA and no guarantee that it will be added to the product any time soon but it is a valid feature request.

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