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ColorMix functions don't work to color lines in a line chart

The Qlik ColorMix functions return a ARGB color and colors in ARGB format don't appear to work when you try to color a line by expression. I used a workaround found here: to convert ARGB to RGB and that worked. However, this isn't a great solution.  Any other ideas? 

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  • HI Karl

    Thank you for this.  This is a feature request and i'll convert the question to reflect that.  I've informed the relevant product manager and we will look at this as part of future development.

    Thanks and KInd Regards


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  • In general Vizlib diagrams seem not to support ARGB colors. I came across this restriction when working with the scatter chart. I used a similar workaround (wrote a function to convert ARGB(w,x,y,z) to RGB(x,y,z) ). Since a lot of Qlik color functions like Colormix1() or ColorMapHue() return ARGB values, I would highly appreciate it if all Vizlib charts would support ARGB colors. 



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