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Writeback does not delete rows

Writeback Version: 1.0.5

Qlik Sense version: June 2020

I have a write back set as Update that does not work as expected. I have 2 problems:

1 - When I change an existing row, the row is not changed but a new row is created.

2 - When I right click on a row (the duplicated one), choose delete and then save the data (writeback button), the row is not delete. App reloads and the row is back there.

It happens all the time.

(494 KB)
(374 KB)
(359 KB)

2 people have this problem
  • HI,

    We have the same problem

  • Any luck with a solution?

  • I am also facing this issue.. I see a solution has been provided. Is it possible to share? Thank you.

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