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Input form - Multiline text area

How to I add a multiple line text area field in an Input form? The text/text area object only displays one line.

  • Hi Igor,

    Can you clarify your question please? 

    Using the Text Area, I can use the return key to enter in multiple lines inside it

  • Hi Igor

    I've converted this question into a ticket (18779) and will track via that.

    Thanks and Kind Regards


  • Daniel,

    I mean visually. See how on this very page when you post a comment the space you have to type has multiple lines, so if you enter a long comment, let's say 3 or 4 lines high, you can still see it all.

    When I said TextArea I was making a reference to the old HTML tag that allowed the same behavior.

  • Nevermind. Found it.

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  • Igor - any chance you can share with the rest how/where you found out? :)

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