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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Form v2.0.0 released!

Release Date: 04/09/20

- [CLB-1142]: Server Side Writeback

Writeback now is supported by the Vizlib Server which enables it to do much, much more! It includes new destination type - SQL - and gets rid of all Qlik Sense security rules permissions required by the serverless writeback. And it all comes with cool features like locking and full audit trail!
In order to use server side writeback make sure to download Vizlib Server version 1.7.0.

- [CLB-1554]: Locking Writeback Destinations

Don't want your data to be modified while you're working on it? No problem - you can easily lock your data to temporarily prevent others from writing back to it. You can unlock destination once you're finish or it will be automatically unlocked if you close your qlik sense session.

- [CLB-1774]: Server Side Writeback Audit

Data security is important for you and you want to know who have done changes to the data? Audit is for you! You can enable it per writeback destination and you will be able to answer all relevant questions - who changed the data? When? and what was changed?

- [CLB-1763]: Number format doesn't change the formats of the numbers.
Numbers can be now formatted by using the display format setting - for editable cells, non editable cells' format is controlled by the measure format.

- [CLB-1797]: Input Form's new field immediately connected to a field with same name from the load script

Columns added to the Input Form extension are no longer automatically connected to the fields from the application.

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