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Vizlib Custom Report v5.1.0 released!

Release Date: 04/09/20

[VSS-819]: Improve "show details" to include a lot more meta-data about dimensions and measures

This new feature gives users a lot more information on the data used in the Custom Report. Use Master items for everything you include to get the most out of this feature! Dimension/Measure descriptions, color, current selections and all the finer details on data types and any tags added.

- [VSS-818]: Improve auto-chart selection logic

Auto chart selection now considers the number of unique values in a dimension when choosing visualization.

- [VSS-801]: Snapshot camera icon missing

- [VSS-812]: Console errors when using Analytic Search in Story mode

- [VSS-822]: Visualization tag in analytic search mismatch when using two Custom Report on the same page

- [VSS-862]: Total on/off option appearing on visualization in Analytic Search

- [VSS-874]: Users can select Dimensions in Story Snap Shot when that should be turned off

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