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Combo Bar Chart Bug (Please help if anyone has any tips to resolve this issue)

This is regarding Combo Barchart Version 1.6.1. 

FC Barchart (light blue color) is appearing out side x-axis (Period 10 values appearing in P11, P11 is shwoing in P12 and P12 is supposed to be Outside X-Axis )


Period 10 value 22k is shown in P11, and P11 value is shown in P12, and P12 value bar is shown without period.


If i make it Line Chart, then values are showing correctly for each period (see 2nd Chart in screenshot).

I did many trial and errors, and found that if I Turn off Data Values option, and Turn on Benchmark option then I see the Bars correctly in relevant Period. BUT, then I can not see DATA Value in Bars.

Can anyone please check and let me know if they faced the same issue and if it was fixed somehow?

I have attached Demo app. as well.

Thanks alot


  • Hey Syed,

    Thank you for contacting us

    I've turned this into a ticket and will be liaising with you in the ticket.

    Please bear with me while I investigate this 

  • Hi,

    I already raised a ticket no 17447 for this issue 2 months ago, and it's being worked on.

    I posted the question in community to see if someone else faced the same issue and found a way out?.... 

  • Hi Syed, 

    I do apologise you've felt we haven't been working on this issue but this issue is currently with our developers and being worked on as my colleague told you 4 days ago. 

    It;s currently waiting for our QA team to test. We are making progress so please do bear with us

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