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Vizlib Finance Report v3.5.0 released!

Release Date: 10/09/20

- [FR-1401]: Store selected dimensions in bookmarks

The dimensions currently selected will be saved in any bookmarks created. Use-cases include preparing reports for users and referencing them using bookmarks. (Previously multiple reports had to be created and maintained if some users wanted a different starting set of dimensions.

- [FR-1414]: Allow more levels of indention 

It is now possible to indent each row style to different levels. This means a full "multi-level report" can be created using only one single dimension. For many use-cases this will improve performance. In the example below the indent level for Row Style Calculation has been set to 2 to make it end up on a different place compared to normal rows but it is till a value in the same dimension.

- [FR-1409]: Improve context menu control

Items can now be hidden from the context menu. For example this allows blocking users from using "expand all" in very large tables where it may be a drain on performance.

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