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Action Selection in field not working in Vizlib Button

Hello Team,

I am trying to use selection in field action in Vizlib Button but it is not working,

My vizlib button version is 1.0.0c and license expiry date is 25Nov2020.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue. I am attaching screenshot for same.



  • Hi Shabaan,

    I hope you're keeping well and safe?

    Regarding your query to resolve this, I recommend removing the special characters from both the Filed Selection and the Values you'd like selected

    So try using in the Field BOT NAME

    Field Value ROSIE THE ROBOT

    You don't need to but the special brackets or equals sign

    You can learn more about our actions here: 

    This should resolve your query 

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  • Thanks Daniel for your response.

    I found it helpful and its working now.

    But now i am trying to use an expression in the field value section, and its not working now.

    Can you please help??

    I am attaching the screenshot for same.


    Expr is SubField(vConcatBotName,',',1)

    where vConcatBotName is variable of all names.

  • Hey  Shabaan,

    Glad that resolved your query

    In the article I shared we do have an example of how to use expressions including examples of  Concat 

    May I recommend using this as an example  ‘(‘ & Concat(distinct {<Continent={‘Europe’}>} [City], ‘|’) & ‘)’ 

    I hope this helps 

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