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Vizlib Table v3.12.2 released!

Release Date: 15/09/20

- [LIB-6878]: Vizlib Table -Extra space displayed after the last column

Extra space in the header displayed after the last column (when the column sizes were set to a specific pixel width)

- [LIB-6719]: Mini chart displays only one bar for 0 values 

Minicharts skipped some bars when the value was 0

- [LIB-6793]: Incorrect total label presented in formatted exports

Total label renaming was not reflected in formatted export to excel Report

- [LIB-6851]: Right Column Border does not display and is overridden by the scrollbar

Right-most column border was not visible due to scrollbar

- [LIB-6762]: "Use Same Start Date" caused mini-chart bars to become negative and with a different sorting order

Known limitation:  Vizlib Table is rendering minicharts with the data order that is provided by Qlik Sense 

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