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Vizlib Combo Chart v1.7.0 released!

Release Date: 21/09/20

- [LIB-6879]: Option to show null values

This features enables customers to hide null values, resulting in the possibility of showing two separate measures in unused areas of the chart. In this case, we are showing 2 measures, with each measure appearing once per dimension value - this way we can show more key values inside the legend. 

- [LIB-6362]: Bars overlapped when calculation conditions used on measures

Vizlib Combo Chart incorrectly rendered when measure calc condition was used

- [LIB-6377]: Upgrade issues 

Upgrading from v1.3 to v1.6.1 prevented the chart from rendering

- [LIB-6479]: Line data points not centered perfectly

Line Representation Data values are not aligned correctly 

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