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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Form v2.0.1 released!

Release Date: 23/09/20

- [CLB-1762]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Column Syntax improvements

We have introduced new way how columns / fields can be referenced when defining expressions in properties like Show Column If, etc. Not only column / field number is accepted, but columns can be referenced by using column / field names.
In order to improve usability of column syntax we also enabled fields reordering for Input Form.

- [CLB-1859]: [Writeback Table] Support for partial reloads in autogenerated script

When using server-less version of the writeback and partial reload setting, automatically generated script to load writeback data back will contain partial reload syntax to increase performance. 

- [CLB-1651]: [Writeback Table] Row Number column has been deprecated and replaced with row number feature

We removed row number column, Writeback Tables using that column will have to be updated. It has been removed because it was causing issues when Update mode was being used. If you are still interested in using similar feature to the row number column, we have introduced new option when Overwrite mode is used. It is available under Table Settings and is named Show row number. It will display the row number as a first column of the table and that value will be exported as a column.

- [CLB-1943]: [Writeback Table] Not all changes are stored when page is refreshed or application is reloaded

There was an issue which lead to loss of some changes if application was reloaded or user went to different sheet and changes made inside Writeback Table were not yet submitted.

- [CLB-1942]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Writeback button can be clicked few times during writeback execution

This issue could lead to same row being inserted several times in the destination file. It had biggest impact when Insert mode was used.

- [CLB-1932]: [Input Form] Text wrapping issue

Previously in case of a long text it was wrapped in the middle of the word.

- [CLB-1910]: [Writeback Table] Editable option in Setup Wizard is not working

Columns marked inside the wizard as editable where still created as read only.

- [CLB-1852]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Improve Error message when Reload Fails (Serverless)

We have improved error messages when reload is failing so that it will be easier to diagnose the root cause.

- [CLB-1837, CLB-1826]: [Writeback Table] Hidden columns breaking other features

In some cases, when hidden columns were used, sort icons, totals and column styling were applied in a wrong way.

- [CLB-1812]: [Input Form] Options Field not working as expected

There was an issue with Multiple choice and dropdown columns, that despite of setting Options Field property, no options were available.

- [CLB-1809]: Writeback [Table and Form] Checkbox / Toggle column / field is not marking changes properly

Checkbox column / field was detecting change in a read only field sometimes when it should not.

- [CLB-1825]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Improvements and fixes to the chips column.

- [CLB-1820]: [Writeback Table] Column reordering is not allowed when the new column position is not visible on the property panel

- [CLB-1814]: [Input Form] Using checkbox field and setting it as required breaks resetting to default value

- [CLB-1782]: [Input Form] Scroll does not work in Text field (text area input) when the field is not editable

- [CLB-1737, CLB-1727]: [Input Form] Fixes when Input Form is used inside container objects

- [CLB-1706]: [Writeback Table] Fixes and improvements to automatically generated scripts for the QVD destination types 

- [CLB-1719]: [Writeback Table] Bug fixes to the Writeback Table Set up 

- [CLB-1728]: [Writeback Table] Default options values for dropdown, flags or icon columns get modified after first reload

- [CLB-1770]: [Input Form] Audit Columns are not generated in the output QVD file

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