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Retaining Table Scroll Position on Selection

The major issue is that the Vizlib Table object scrolls all the way to the left all the time with typical user behavior. Unlike the base Qlik Table object, if any selection is made, change in state to the web browser is observed (full screen, zoom, clicking any other application such as Excel), or seemingly random for no reason at all; the table resets its scroll position. This is infuriating to users, who wish to simply filter on a field but are met with a bonus left scroll to lose their place. Users then have to scroll right until they find their spot again and can then continue their work, which may include a few more frustrating loops of filtering and re-scrolling. 

The ask here is to mimic base Qlik in retaining the table scroll position (left to right) when such typical user behavior occurs. Please let me know if you require further clarification

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