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Vizlib Table v3.13.0 released!

Release Date: 09/10/20

- [LIB-7034]: New types of minicharts

Introducing two new types of minicharts:

- Multiline: support for one dimension and multiple lines.

- Stacked bar - support for two dimensions and one measures.

Both new charts enhance the user capability to find insights in table row level and compare them to other rows then act upon the insights

- [LIB-6992]: Fast Export support in mashups

Table export button is now supported in mashups , allowing user to easily export formatted tables to Excel.

- [LIB-5951]: Links export support

When exporting formatted table that include hyperlinks the result will be displaying the link description and
active link that work in native Excel environment.

- [LIB-6624]:Tooltip Display Stuck

 When activating both tooltip and action to navigate to another sheet, tooltip display is remain stuck even when moving to the target sheet.

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