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Editing the Input Form

My customer went live this morning and the first thing she asked for was this: She filled out a writeback form, and then realized she made a mistake and wanted to edit it. Is there a way to open the form back up and edit the already made selections after submitting it? I couldn't see a way to do this. If there isn't currently a way to do this, would you consider this as a feature request?


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  • You could combine this with the Writeback Table for data quality and cleanup exercises like this.

  • Hey Joe, I actually recently tried to do this, as soon as the form editor came out. That said I'm not quite able to do it yet because of some things that aren't available in the form editor that are available in the form. Specifically text area instead of just text, and being able to show hide an individual field in the form rather than a whole group. I've put an enhancement requests in for both, but until those are in I can't switch over to form editor.
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