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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Form v2.1.0 released!

Release Date: 04/11/20

- [CLB-1799]: [Form & Table] New Writeback Destination - Oracle

We have started to support writing back to Oracle databases. Find out more here on how to set it up.

- [CLB-1867]: [Form] - Improved responsiveness

Important Change: We changed how inputs' sizes are calculated to increase responsiveness across different screen sizes. Because of that we strongly recommend to review your existing Vizlib Input Forms after upgrading to that version as there might be some visual differences and small adjustments might be required.


- [CLB-1965]: [Table & Form] Audit columns for server side destinations

We have introduced feature known from serverless writeback to its server side equivalent.

- [CLB-2096]: [Table & Form] Automatically lock server side destinations when writeback is performed

Locking mechanism has been improved to automatically lock destinations to prevent users from concurrent write access which could lead to errors related with e.g. multiple requests to reload the same application.

- [CLB-1830]: [Table] Sometimes when adding a new column, all columns crash

- [CLB-1972]: [Table] Improved performance for fetch all rows feature 

- [CLB-2007]: [Form] Fields with Regex Validation delete characters upon entry

- [CLB-2029]: [Table] Columns with options based on a field are not converted to field after writeback

- [CLB-2044]: [Table & Form] When writing back to SQL destination Timestamp column is empty

- [CLB-2066]: [Table] Date column always display change when it should not

- [CLB-2070]: [Form] Calculated fields return invalid value

- [CLB-2110]: [Table & Form] REST destination issue with basic authorization token

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