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Vizlib Finance Report v3.7.0 released!

Release Date: 13/11/20

- [FR-1433]: Allow showing dimension title even when there are not alternative dimensions

Earlier it was only possible to show dimension names when there were alternative dimensions. That is now changed.

- [FR-1436]: Viztips not updating when moving from one dimension to another

Caching was a bit too effective. Sorry about that.

- [FR-1434]: Viztips dimension levels should be possible to combine

Now it's possible to select for example that only the first and the top dimension should affect the Viztip.

- [FR-1437]: Finance Report- Alignment mismatch in P&L headings when using a single measure

Rows are now aligned with dimension description. Just so much better...

- [FR-1435]: Viztips do not calculate when using | and space

We (wrongly) did not consider that customers wanted to use the pipe-sign in dimension names and use them with Viztips.

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