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Vizlib Custom Report v5.4.2 released!

Release Date: 20/11/20

- [VSS-1323]: Custom Report: Performance killer Data set vs table data set

ACTION REQUIRED! We had a very unfortunate bug that caused the Custom Report to try to calculate all dimensions and measures when using the new data sets feature. To correct issues (and improve performance even if you did not experience serious issues). Open the sheet that has the Custom Report in edit mode and then save the app. After that all is well again. (Note: this does not affect data sets based on master item tables.)

- [VSS-1201]: Can't create Custom Report when app does not have master items defined

Master items are no longer needed.

- [VSS-1262]: Custom Report - report type mismatch on enabling 'Defer Layout Update'

Defer Layout update works for all reports now.

- [VSS-1263]: Custom Report - Not allowing the user to select "table" if it is set as the default view

Table is now always accessible again.

- [VSS-1163]: "Sort groups" button throw error in console in dataSet settings > groups

We don't want errors in the console....

- [VSS-1270]: Details view looks bad

Details turned ugly with some browsers. No more ugly.

- [VSS-1328]: Custom Report - unable to select dimension and measures when 'defer layout update' is enabled

Of course we should be able to select dimensions and measures before calculating the new selections.

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