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Colouring columns in Pivot tables - support call PivotTable_21299

Good afternoon

I have just finished a call with Vaisaali where I demonstrated my issue to her.

I prefer using Vizlib pivot tables because of the ability to have column headings above the columns. However, I often need to colour dimension columns in tables - particularly for Status.

When using Qlik Sense pivot table, I create variables for colour expressions (we have approximately 6 status values). An example of this is as follows. (Please note that we use GUIDs instead of words because some of our apps are multilanguage.)
if(Actions_ActionStatus_SourceItemID = '{CE204A31-40C0-46E0-9078-EFD2D6D372D1}', cOceanBlue

,if(Actions_ActionStatus_SourceItemID = '{AA06A0D9-9FCE-4A66-B393-4F0BC7AF4A74}', cIsoBlue

,if(Actions_ActionStatus_SourceItemID = '{C644FC8B-AC46-47A1-B6EF-798B6A535F06}', cAppleGreen

,if(Actions_ActionStatus_SourceItemID = '{EEA9995B-703D-42D7-AEFB-BAB92E77F591}', cFlamingo

,if(Actions_ActionStatus_SourceItemID = '{DCFD5582-393E-4EF0-9A75-044F4C471C60}', cMonza

,if(Actions_ActionStatus_SourceItemID = '{411FDC48-65ED-4C2F-9736-8328A2E08A10}', cSunglowYellow))))))


/*if(Actions_ActionStatus = 'Awaiting sign off', cOceanBlue

,if(Actions_ActionStatus = 'Cancelled', cIsoBlue

,if(Actions_ActionStatus = 'Completed', cAppleGreen

,if(Actions_ActionStatus = 'In progress', cFlamingo

,if(Actions_ActionStatus = 'Overdue', cMonza

,if(Actions_ActionStatus = 'To be initiated', cSunglowYellow))))))

In order to get the variable to work in the QS pivot table, it is written like this $(cActionStatus).

The use of a colour variable makes life much easier in all senses as it is used in all charts where Action status is represented (stacked bars, pies, tree maps, tables, pivot tables etc). 

Vizlib pivot table requires you to create dynamic styling for every value which you have. This is time consuming and I have also subsequently hit a problem when trying to enter GUIDs into the value instead of words. When you have an app which is available to English, Portuguese and Spanish speakers, you can't expect to create dynamic styling for all variations of the values.

Please would you consider bringing in expression colouring to your tables and pivot tables. I don't think i have tried to use it in your other charts eg: pies etc. but it is essential that we have this ability.


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