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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Form v2.2.0 released!

Release Date: 27/11/20

- [CLB-1560]: [Writeback Table] Form View

Form View is a new mode where you can add or edit table rows in a form, boosting app table performance and allowing you to focus on the data which matters most.

- [CLB-1786]: [Input Form & Writeback Table] Non branded loading indicator

- [CLB-2057]: [Input Form] Layout Wizard improvements
Field types can now be modified after the field has been added and field visibility can be set in the wizard.

- [CLB-2139]: [Input Form & Writeback Table] Fix when using server side destinations with reload tasks

- [CLB-1986]: [Input Form & Writeback Table] Destination cannot be modified on QS Cloud

- [CLB-1996]: [Input Form] Fix for default value inside Checkbox Column

- [CLB-1998 & CLB-2069]: [Input Form & Writeback Table] Fixes to Icon and Dropdown Column 

- [CLB-2031]: [Input Form & Writeback Table] Fixes for columns supporting options based on field

- [CLB-2083]: [Input Form] Hide/Show "Reset" button doesn't work

- [CLB-1854]: [Input Form & Writeback Table] Improved error handling

- [CLB-2109]: [Writeback Table] Improved performance when updating Appearance section properties

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