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Vizlib Gantt v1.5.0 released!

Release Date: 26/11/20

- [VGT-200]: Add Tags to Gantt event bars

Customers can now add tags to event bars, with custom event bars, to add further context. Tags can be added inside OR outside of event bars.

Tags are best used for highlighting resource, delays, project, budgets, slippage or other KPIs. 

Below we have flagged ❌ LateOn track

- [VGT-185]: Custom events

Custom events are now here to stay, alongside the already existing custom milestone functionality. 

Right-click on gantt to add new custom objects - doing this won't impact the data model and they can also be included in PDF exports.

To save back to the source data, Vizlib Writeback (part of Vizlib Collaboration) is required - download the demo app here

- [VGT-185]: Optimisations to labelling

Labels now better fit to event bars and no longer overlap with progress %. Also improved to work alongside tags

- [VGT-221]: Empty progress value was shown before adding value

Progress values was shown as 0 even when the progress value was not setup

- [VGT-217]: Images were not working in milestones

Custom images were not appearing when represented as milestones

- [VGT-198]: Background colors blink when changing some colors in the property panel.

Background color was being reapplied after property panel changes

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