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Vizlib Xmas v1.2.0 released!

Is THAT time of the year! When the Vizlib Xmas extension comes to light and it's available to be downloaded for the next 2 months only (don't worry, it works all the year long once installed!) - Happy Xmas and happy new year!

  • Added: landscape image below
  • Added: Mistletoe image at the top
  • Added: Holly image In the extension at the top right menu
  • Added: Holly image at the top of the property panel
  • Added: Xmas bauble image near sock
  • Added: Extension now supports default themes (transparent mode)
  • Added: Possibility to hide Mistletoe, Holly, Landscape from property panel
  • Changed: Gifts in the middle
  • Updated: Logo in the app
  • Fixed: Issues with snow flakes causing extension to flick
  • Fixed: After removing extension all Xmas theme parts are removed
  • Fixed: In some scenarios persist mode didn't work
  • Fixed: Click through evens on images

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