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Allow to select total function in Pivot tanle

Hi community

I found, that the totals function in the pivot table can not be chosen like in the flat table. It automatically choose Max if you use the maximum function for your measure or the sum, if you use sum for your measure.

I opend a support call for this and got the recommendation to ask this as a feature.

So I would appreciate very much, if there was some support for this request, so the Pivot table becomes even more useful.

Best regards,


  • ¬†This has never really been an option in Qlik pivots (QV and QS), I think, but there is a known workaround using Dimensionality(), e.g.

    If(Dimensionality()=0,Sum(something), Max(Something)) for just the grand total, or

    if(Dimensionality()<max(Dimensionality()),Sum(Something),Max(Something)) for all subtotals and grand total

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