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Vizlib Tiles v1.1.0 released!

Release Date: 07/12/20

- [VSS-1257]: Property panel order should decide z level of layers

IMPORTANT! If layers on top of each other is used reordering may be required to put each layer in the right z level. Item at the top of the measure list will be at the bottom and then all things will be placed on top of that.

- [VSS-1300]: Position/size rework

Positioning and size can be set to static to allow some objects to retain size and position even when the object is changing. We also made this part a bit nicer looking.

- [VSS-1302]: increase max number of measures to 50

We have released the full power of layers and upped the limit to 50 layers in each tile. Feel free to let us know when this is not enough.

- [VSS-1312]: interpret text in text layer as HTML

Any text used in the text layer can now be formatted using HTML. For example this allows putting bold text in other text without using multiple text objects. <b>Bold text </b> 

- [VSS-1290]: Line component/layer show double lines

Lines should be single unless we say otherwise.

- [VSS-1109]: Internet Explorer not supported message design

Nicer message to all those unfortunate enough to be using IE.

- [VSS-1267]: Actions text description incorrect

Actions are done after selections only when selections are enabled. It is perfectly possible to use actions even without applying selections.

- [VSS-1325]: Cancel from Tiles Wizard does not cancel all changes

Some changes in the wizard came through even when we did not want them to.

- [VSS-1251]: Issue with using only one row in some situations

Sometimes when changing size of the window the text did not quite follow and got stuck on multiple lines.

- [VSS-1301]: Zoom in tile editor has no appropriate limitations

It was actually possible to get an upside down image by setting a negative zoom in the wizard. That was not intended.

- [VSS-1326]: Tiles sometimes blink/refresh when they should not have to

Slight optimization of when Tiles update if data changes.

- [VSS-1366]: When starting with field with many rows CPU and memory usage goes way up

This odd behavior did not affect many users but when it happened Tiles tried to draw all existing values as a tiny Tile on initialization of the extension. The effect was very high CPU and memory consumption.

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