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                  Hi all,

We are upgrading our platform from the June 2019 release to the June 2020 release and we are experiencing some minor issues with the VizLib Simple KPI Object. We have a Qlik Sense Dashboard with a landing page, 3 KPI’s on top of that sheet, all three of them have the Hover Mode on Navigation, with a select-sheet action defined. There is no “action before navigation” set.


When we open the dashboard, it goes straight to the landing page with 1 dimension field filtered. If we immediately hover over these KPI’s, all works. It shows the text that we defined and you can click on them as well and it navigates to the correct sheet. However, if we would remove the filter or make any other selection in another dimension field, the hover does not work anymore and the KPI is not-clickable anymore. If we switch to another sheet on which these KPI’s are placed as well (they are linked master items), they work again.


Is this a known issue or what could cause this unwanted behavior? 

Did anyone else encounter this already?

Many thanks in advance,

Kind regards

  • The root cause of this seems to be the background image - if we don't set any background image, all works as expected but as soon as we add background images to the KPI objects, it stops working properly.

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