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Vizlib Custom Report v5.7.0 released!

Release Date: 10/12/20

- [VSS-1143]: Allow tables with only measure(s)

When you want absolutely no dimensions at all...

- [VSS-988]: Visualizations render differently when adding two master item Custom Reports

Custom Report should render the same way when it is turned into a master item. Previously it could change the order of some measures in the Scatter chart.

- [VSS-883]: Console errors when adding a Preset without defining Data set

Just cleaning up some odd console errors that did not really break anything. They were just not supposed to be there.

- [VSS-1151]: The spacing between dimensions and measures in the Analytic Search bar differ between QS versions

When Qlik change small things sometimes we also have to change. The search area should now look good in all versions of Qlik Sense.

- [VSS-1152]: Size differences icons next to dimensions and measures in the left sidebar

Minor visual fix to make sure all icons have the correct size

- [VSS-912]: Desktop console errors

Qlik Sense desktop browser was throwing errors in Qlik Sense November 2019. (Even though that browser works please use Chrome if possible instead.)

- [VSS-939]: Sankey Chart - when switching between ‘auto’ and ‘custom’, the ‘custom’ loses its settings

When changing Sankey nodes limit from auto to custom and back again you had to redo the settings. They are now correctly stored.

- [VSS-1370]: Customer Report - Add field feature doesn't display all list of fields to be added

When you have a really long list of dimensions that last ones where not displayed on right-click. We have added a scroll to that list. 

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