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I trying to migrate a Excel report to vizlib finance.

The formula is not consistent across rows/columns. So i need to use different calculation for different set of rows in single column.

I have used the "Calculation" column from report template and working fine for One measure/Column. Now i have other 3 measures/column for which i have different calculation in between.

Is there a possibility to add other "calculation" column in report template. Are is there any better way to achieve this?



  • My sincere apologies for the belated response!

    Regarding your query sadly there currently isn't a way to do this.

    I would recommend adding this as a feature request in our community, where users can upvote requested features, which may then get added to our product roadmap. 

    If you can include a visual example of what you're trying to do and in addition to that, how a new feature can help you achieve this, this would be appreciated so we can best support you in achieving what you're trying to do not just what features you want

    Feature requests will still come through support and we will stay in touch via email just as normal, we ask that they are posted in the community since this is a public forum, sharing is caring! 

    Please note that feature requests are subject to review by our Product team. You can find our feature request forum here 
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