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Vizlib Line Chart v3.10.0 released!

Release Date: 22/12/20

- [LIB-7293]: Data Driven Annotation

Ability to add annotation to chart base on a data table, automatically adds annotation when a new records is added to the table.
this capability allows users and analysts to add their insights into trend and event and share them with other users.

- [LIB-8220]: Console Errors 

Console errors breaking extensions.

- [LIB-8118]: Null Value Is Displayed

Displays 0 on x axis when there is a null value for the corresponding data.

- [LIB-7953]: Legend Display

Legend text is pale until mouse over any part of the chart.

- [LIB-7996]: Scenarios and Linear Regressions Display

Scenarios and Linear Regression display the wrong values.

- [LIB-7414]: Tooltip Display Error

Tooltip doesn't highlight the appropriate measure line.

- [LIB-7854]: Tooltip Display Stuck

Tooltip stuck on the left of chart.

- [LIB-7974]: Markers Display 

Highlighting and displaying markers seems to not work properly.

- [LIB-7958]: Area Display combined with Gaps.

 Show 'area' when 'show as gaps' option is selected.

- [LIB-7542]: Null Value Points Display

Null Value Data Points are displayed on the chart.

- [LIB-7894]: Y-Axis Scale Display

If 'Show as gaps' option enabled, calculate scale based on data without NULL points.

- [LIB-7565]: Data Display Error

Data series is displayed in wrong way.

- [LIB-7478]:Advance Analytics Message
Advance Analytics message is automatically displayed when dimension is replaced.

- [LIB-7573]: Suppress Zero Values

Suppress zero value is not working.

- [LIB-7809]:Advanced Analytics Display

Values on Advanced Analytics are missing at first.

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