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Vizlib Custom Report v5.8.1 released!

Release Date: 05/01/21

- [VSS-1459]: [mashup] Export URL does not respect entire replaced value

We have improved how the replace-value is handled for exports in mash-ups. (Typically the change is between different virtual proxies on external servers.)

- [VSS-837]: IE browser - remove scrollbar in intelligent search when adding or deleting dimensions or measures

An unwanted scrollbar appeared for IE-users.

- [VSS-1107]: Long text is't wrapped in subtitle and footer
Improved text wrapping for really long texts.

- [VSS-1389]: After making changes o a label and editing Dataset, the label change is removed
The dataset wizard did not always respect changes made in the property panel.

- [VSS-1365]: [mashup] Intelligent search bubbles have wrong height style
The tags looked a bit off in mash-ups. Now they look great again!

- [VSS-1363]: [mashup] After clicking on visualization menu it shows in different place

We improved the position of the context menu

- [VSS-1080]: Incorrect tag behavior in search when quickly selecting dimension / measure in left panel

Sometimes a fast selection of dimensions and measures would result in tags being set as inactive in intelligent search. Problem was more apparent in IE browsers.

- [VSS-1181]: Ghost context menu items
Include zero values does not do anything in a scatter chart. It is now removed to avoid any confusion.

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