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Writeback with QlikSense Cloud

Hi all,

I hope that somebody can help me out. 

Writeback with QlikSense Enterprise on server is very easy and you can choose what type of file you want. QVD etc.... You get automaticly the script en file is stored on a location. Very easy and understandable.

The set up for Writeback with QlikSense Cloud is only through REST API. I only want to add rows on a table in mij QlikSense app.

How to do this? On the internet I only found information why endpoint, header, param etc.... I know why but not what I have to do specific. Which endpoint? To what? My QVD's are now in Google Doc's. Or can I only write back to a database like SQL?

I don't want to write back to a Oracle or SQL database. Only to my QVD which provides data to my app.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards

Martijn Wanders

  • Thanks for contacting Vizlib support regarding this query, unfortunately support for Qlik SaaS is I am afraid very limited at the moment, as for your query I am sorry that we cannot really assist more than sending you some documentation as we do not support configuring Rest API connections as this is developer work...

    We are working hard to make the QVD destination available but at the moment it is a limitation from their SaaS platform.
  • I was made aware of this rather old post and the situation is now different.

    Writeback to QVD (and all other destination types) are possible with the use of Vizlib Server that we have developed a special version for to use in Qlik Cloud. Vizlib Server is recommended also for any on-premise solutions with Writeback since it allows you to manage your destinations securely and also allows writeback for all users, not just users with Qlik Professional licenses.

    Kind regards


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