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Feature request : working with variables in VizLib Custom Report (Self Service)

Hi VizLib,

At our company we are working very much with variables in our Qlik Sense environment. We also use them in the presentation dashboards quite a bit. By doing that, we managed to create a template dashboard that we can duplicate and re-use for many customers or projects.

The VizLib Custom Report - Self Service however, is not suiting our needs. We have noticed quite some features that are not working in combination with variables and in our opinion also some of them are bugs. 

First of all, if we configure a dataset, we want to use the new way of working which is using a Data Set instead of a Table Data Set.  However, by doing this, we noticed quite some limitations:

  • Autocalendar fields, if you tag them, will not show up in the groupings. This used to work when using a Table Data Set. As the Table Data Set is deprecated and less user friendly, we would like to switch to Data Sets instead. This seems to be a bug so our question is : can this please be resolved or implemented ?
  • Variables and Masteritems 

  • image

    Because we work with variables so much, this is how we defined master items in our template dashboard. The problem occurs when you try to add these master items to the Data Set. This will not work, while in combination with a Table Data Set, it did work. This also seems to be a bug or seems not to be fully implemented yet. Can this limitation please be fixed / implemented ?

Many Thanks,

Kind Regards

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