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Line Chart - Scenario Analysis Forecasting

In the Scenario Analysis option of Line Charts, the percent entered is a compounded value (in that if you enter 10, for example, each month of the forward forecast increases by 10% over the previous months total).  What we need is the ability to say that I want to END with a 10% increase based on the average for the training period.  

An example scenario:  I know that we will be increasing production by 10% over the course of the next 6 months.  So if we started with 1000, at the end of 6 months, we are at 1,100.  In this way, I can get an idea of how much to increase my staffing each month.  

Relatedly, it would be great if I can choose how I want that increase to show - evenly (by the same amount each month) or in a curved fashion where the ramp up increases exponentially or in a bell curve fashion where I anticipate having a spike exceeding the target 10% which then levels off so that at the end of the forecast period, it is a 10% increase from the starting point.


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