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Vizlib Sheet Menu v3.0.0 released!

Release Date: 25/01/21

*This version requires you to add a sheet menu object to all sheets in the app. 

*This version includes some changes to default settings 

- [LIB-7219]: Re-Design The Sheet Menu 

  • Breadcrumbs Displayed in Dedicated Area
    Breadcrumbs activation is done in Global Settings Section in the property panel.

  • New Section in Appearance: Global Styles
    This section allows the user to set the styles to all button in the app.
    In the section there is also new settings to set the styling mode,
    default mode is basic.

  • New Styling Option for Buttons
    Under Global Styles the user can decide how to display the button groups

  • New Templates
    Introducing new templates, taking advantage of the new design capabilities.
    Templates give the user a fast starting point to build their own design.

- [LIB-8203]: Fixed Side Menu Overlaps Sheet

When Side Menu is set to fixed display in the left side, side menu overlaps with charts on the sheet.

- [LIB-8172]: Color Isn't Applied to Top Menu Items

Top Menu doesn't change color set for the sheet Menu Item.

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