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Library - KPI Designer: Number Formatting by Measure, so that variable formatting can be applied.


I woud like to request to possibility of Formatting by Measure instead of the standard and custom formatting that can be selected from the dropdown menu.

For some clients we use variable formatting showing numbers or percentages depending on the selection that is made.

An example of a measure can look like:


     Sum( {< [Account Name] = {'$(vAccountName)'} >} [Amount] )


In this case depending on what Account Name is selected we would like to see Numbers or Percentages in the KPI.

It is possible when showing the Measure as a Text instead of a Number, but then the indicator does not function.

We always use the indicator for showing how Current Month is performing against Previous Month.

So it is important for us to have a MeasureFormat functioning, so it can be used in combination with an indicator.

Previously we have used a Climber Object where we could select a Format by Measure.


Currently we are workng with Vizlib Library and want to have this feature in KPI Designer, so we can fully migrate to Vizlib and have this in the pulldown menu.


Hope to hear if this is possible in a future release.

If any other information is needed, let me know!

Keep up the great work.

Best regards,


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