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Vizlib Filter v3.8.0 released!

Release Date: 03/02/21

- [LIB-8385]: New Option for Selection Behavior

a new option to set selection behavior in the filter, setting is under interactivity

"Filter level always one selected value" - The new option when activate, will force a single value automatically, if a default value isn't defined.

In this option the user won't be able to clear the selection in the field.

"Sheet level always one selected value" - won't apply a selection automatically if default value isn't defined.
This option allows users to clear selections in the field in the selection bar.

(this behavior is similar to all version 3.6.1 or older)

- [LIB-8301]: measure threshold improvements

Measure thresholds are now calculated in dimension value level, giving more power to threshold display.
For example comparing sales between this year sales to previous year sales.

- [LIB-8302]: Hide Dimension Values

Ability to hide dimension values from presentation when you use icon or image, this option is ideal for button style filter.

- [LIB-8138]: Search and Select Value

With “App based one selected value” selected search and select option doesn't work.

- [LIB-8105]: Scroll in Mobile Devices

Unable to scroll in an iPad.

- [LIB-8046]: Display of Selected Value

The filter does not show up the default selected value when there is only one available selection.

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