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Vizlib Custom Report v5.9.0 released!

Release Date: 04/02/21

- [VSS-1131]: Include native Pie Chart

Who does not like pie? 

And the only thing better than pie. Many Pies! (Use the recently added Trellis mode to get access to one more dimension in your analysis.)

- [VSS-1130]: Include vizlib Pie Chart

And of course if you use Vizlib Library you have access to the Vizlib Pie Chart too.

And with the Vizlib Pie you have more control of the settings. We started with these options but let us know what else would be important to you!

- [VSS-1456]: Invalid sheet view after turning on trellis

Sometimes the charts would not show up in Trellis mode. 

- [VSS-1350]: Improperly exporting sheet to pdf/image 

Exporting failed with console error "Request Header Fields Too Large".

- [VSS-1468]: Can't change dimension/measure from intelligent search input box

Changing by using this drop-down did not work properly.

- [VSS-1469]: Can't click on settings icon when full screen icon is enabled

Fixed the overlap of the two icons so it should always be possible to reach the settings icon.

- [VSS-1470]: Defer visualization update - visualization type change error

Switching visualization type with a drop-down when in defer layout mode did not work.

- [VSS-1477]: Hiding visualization options in the popup

Not so much of a bug as an improvement. We now have so many visualizations that we need two lines to display them.

- [VSS-1496]: Master Item dimensions with expressions do not show up in the new data set

Depending on how Master items were created some of them worked and some not. Below are images of the working and not working alternatives. from this release both ways should work.

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