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Ability to have 2 menu sheets on one page.

That way we can have the navigation menu on the left and make it fixed and have the filters on the right in a collapsible menu. This way we would not need the top menu as that is not really intuitive to most users. They are used to their navigation on the left. But as the top menu does not allow for filters (master itmens) and is not collapsible, we'd like to see a 2nd sheet menu on the right for filters.

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  • Exactly what I'm looking for!

  • Agreed. This would be a very helpful feature

  • Would love to see this feature

  • Hi Ron, 
    2 sheet menu object on the same sheet, won't be optimal, 
    but what if you could place the top menu and side menu on different sides of the sheet, 
    do you'll be able to place the top menu(navigation menu) in one side and the side menu (filter menu) on another side or even at the top. 
    Would this approach solve your request 

  • Yes Liron! that would fix it.

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