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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v2.5.0 released!

Release Date: 23/02/21

Important note:

This version is compatible with the newest version of Vizlib Server (v2.5.0) which includes big changes to server management and administration. We advise you to read through the changelog before you update to v2.5.0 and update your test environment before making any live updates.

- [CLB-2200]: [Writeback Table] Multi-lined Text Field in Writeback Table & Table Form View

- [CLB-2238]: [Writeback Table] Improvements to pasting functionality

- [CLB-2177]: [Input Form] Validation errors blinks for a moment when writing back

- [CLB-2204]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Property panel Appearance section improvements

- [CLB-2205]: [Input Form] Input Layout Wizard visual improvements

- [CLB-2231]: [Input Form] Issues during writeback with update operation type (server)

- [CLB-2250]: [Writeback Table] Adding new option sometimes causes console errors.

- [CLB-2312]: [Writeback Table] Doesn't update fields when a cell in the row contains the word ENTER

- [CLB-2356]: [Input Form] Input Layout Wizard - grouping logic fixes

- [CLB-2219]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Improved performance in some cases

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