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Vizlib server - Postgres writeback change history

Have managed to connect to postgres database hosting the vizlib server and have located the table writeback-audit-trail.... 

however i can see all details except for the actual audit of the changes made - shows as [Binary Data] currently. is there anything in the pipeline that will allow me to see the changes being made so that as admin have full visibility of these changes for audit purposes. i know i can see them in the VMC but only able to view 1 change at a time, where as this would allow for monitoring and auditing in bulk. 

just not sure if this is possible.


  • Please run this Query to get the list in a readable format :
    select encode("streamMeta", 'escape') as streamMeta,
    encode("changeMeta", 'escape') as changeMeta
        From public."vzb-writeback-audit-trail";

    I understand you would like to see the behaviour change in the VMC so you could also send a feature request here in order to do so.
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