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Number format in expression isn't copied to Axis

Adjust to VizLib scatter chart to demonstrate the same formatting as metrics on the axis

  • Hi Roberto
    Which version of the scatter chart do you use, this is already working in the latest version of scatter chart

  • HI Liron

    Version 3.5.1


  • HI Roberto,
    can you test the chart in this app
    to see if you get both Axis to display the measure format

  • Hi Liron

    Thank you for your return, but let me show you another situation. Create a master item with the formatting specified in the expression itself, then use the master item on the scatter chart by setting the measurement format to automatic, do the same for the x-axis tick format option. As can be seen in the figure, in this case the format shown for the metric is different from the axis format


  • Hi Roberto,

    If you use Master item for formatting
    then all you have to do is tome make sure this setting is on

  • I can't see this option, where is it


  • Hi ,
    Is this the version you use

  • Yes, it is


  • Hi, What version of Qlik sense do you use

  • Hi, this


  • Hi, 
    Your Qlik sense version explains the reason why you don't have this setting, 
    Our support policy is that we support only the last 6 versions of Qlik sense, currently, that means from February 2020 forward, also if you upgrade your Qlik sense environment this feature will become available. 

  • Hi Liron

    I will request a version update and do new tests.

    Thank you for your help

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