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Vizlib Tiles v2.0.0 released!

Release Date: 05/03/21

- [VSS-1191]: Add Header & Footer

Design your own header and footer exactly as you would design your tiles. The full flexibility is there, just activate header and footer in the property panel!

Once activated use the Tile editor to make your Header/Footer design. 

- [VSS-1392]: Add Gauge as a layer type

Show measurements more clearly! Create and design your own gauge and place it anywhere on the Tiles.

See how the above Gauges start and end in different positions? Easy to do by adjusting the start and end position for each gauge. 

- [VSS-1393]: Add Bullet-chart and progress bars as layer type

Progress bars and bullet-charts can really help show the progress or how close you are to a goal. Design your own chart by deciding limits, values and a comparative value. Colors, transparency and number of limits is of course completely up to you!

- [VSS-1495]: Add option to calculate by tile instead of globally

Features or performance is a constant balance. More options typically require more calculations and impact on performance. With this new feature in Tiles we are giving you more control of that balance! For a number of settings we allow you to choose how an option should be calculated. Once for the entire object or for each Tile. If something is the same for all Tiles why calculate it thousands of times when once could be enough? 

- [VSS-1329]: Pressing delete in Wizard should delete layer, not entire object

More logical behavior in the editor. Mark a layer and press delete now only deletes that layer and not the entire object.

- [VSS-1330]: Wizard zoom/scroll does not allow edit on sides

Zooming and scrolling the tiles editor should behave better after this fix (it was possible to get into a situation where some things could no longer be edited.)
- [VSS-1388]: Extension printing waits as long as it takes for pdf-printing

We have enhanced how printing is handled and we should now wait for as long as it takes.

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